Ww1 trench diary

While we all crouched where we sat, cursing the meddling fool, as we waited for the explosion, the clown of the platoon, a little Salvationist, threw his greatcoat over the smouldering thing and jumped on it.

One was Ww1 trench diary I found myself in bed in a field hospital for the first time. It seems that there is not enough food, so we have to ration things out. To order To Fight Alongside Friends: We somehow realized that individually they were very like ourselves, just as fed-up and as anxious to be done with it all.

It was better to keep off the track when walking back and forth, but then a man had to make his way sometimes through very heavy mud….

Yet she asked this singular question: Last night, Ww1 trench diary rather at 1. This is why two occasions stand out like beacons in my memory.

Twice I was blown off my feet by the concussion of bursting shells. The attack began with a firework display of golden rain.

The duckboard track was constantly shelled, and in places a hundred yards of it had been blown to smithereens.

The greatest thing that's ever happened.

Life in the Trenches

The folly of it all struck us at the oddest times. I know because I waited so anxiously for him. A battalion of Jerrys would have terrified me less than the rats did sometimes. I pray God I may do my duty for I know whatever that may entail you would not have it otherwise.

The Hun puts a barrage on us every now and then and generally claims one or two victims. Never can they do enough for their soldiers, Ww1 trench diary can they repay the debt they owe. My conscience is clear that I have always tried to make life a joy for you.

It was a pitiful sight. Tatters of army uniform, like my own, are flown everywhere Ww1 trench diary I peep above the trench. The trenches were crowded with men all packed up and unable to go, and it rained - heavens, how it rained. To every private in the line the War was confined to his own immediate front.

June 23, Everything is speeding up no end. When he landed in France in Novemberhe could not help documenting all he saw, even though writing diaries was strictly forbidden. I know because I waited so anxiously for him.

One shell claimed three NCOs [non commissioned officers] and wounded three men. The bomb or whatever it was, proved to be harmless, but that made little B. Above, the soldier second left with colleagues from the 10th Service Battalion Life of a soldier: The fireworks petered out and a line of hissing cylinders sent a dense grey mist rolling over No Man's Land.

December 1, It is exciting work, sniping. By Rachel Thompson I have been starving for days. Btw, I am in Yr9 and I am taking History next year.

The Hun puts a barrage on us every now and then and generally claims one or two victims. I knew they were all he had in the world and I determined not to part with them. I will keep a record of how things go and enter it up later. One of his more despairing diary entries was on Easter Sunday on the front line at Ypres.

He wrote: 'Trees crash on the ground, some falling across the trench, trying it seems to crush us. Jul 18,  · The secret diaries of a First World War British Army officer tell of life in the trenches, of rats and death and a longing to return home Express.

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"Life in the Trenches" Diary Entries

Dear Diary, November 16th As I lie here in my dug out writing to you, under my lice infested, rat chewed blanket, I suddenly realise just how cold it is in these trenches - WW1 Trench Diary Essay introduction.

These dark walls seem to be closing in on me, suffocating me. A creative writing resource to help pupils write their own WW1 trench diary. I have included a model, pictures to inspire and a success criteria. There are several suggested stories.

Pupils are meant to choose one and complete it /5(4). Jul 18,  · Charlie May's War: Secret diary of a WWI officer who longed for home; Charlie May's War: Secret diary of a WWI officer who longed for home [to the assembly trench] last night. Author: Jane Warren. As recently as a trench diary kept by Private Bert Camp was discovered by his grandsons while the letters written home from the trenches by Private Freddie Noakes were published for .

Ww1 trench diary
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