Arguement against minimum drug sentencing

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald stated: For now though mandatory sentencing is in place and I really do hope, all reservations withstanding, that it helps make Sydney a safer place to be tonight.

Children over the age of seven could be sentenced to death, and indeed were. The laws can be drafted so that they do not result in excessively harsh sentences in some cases. Other less severe and costly alternatives can achieve the same objectives, including: In some areas like importation centers and also metropolitan areas, the crimes are sometimes considered routine.

Mandatory Drug Sentences Opposing Viewpoints This significance of this paper is to summarize and evaluate the debate on whether the petty drug offenders should be crowding our prisons, and also if some drugs should be legalized or at least decriminalized to reduce our prison populations.

Of course, the principal reason why mandatory sentencing has become such a notorious topic, particularly in the yearis because of the Senate Inquiry into Mandatory Sentencing Legislation which was triggered, in turn, by the tabling in the Senate of a private Bill, the Human Rights Mandatory Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders Bill An example of this, the article continues, is found in the case of manslaughter: Some offenders would rather spend months in jail as opposed Arguement against minimum drug sentencing doing intense supervised probation, because going and sitting in a cell having three square meals a day is much easier than having to worry about going to work and having to see a probation or parole Arguement against minimum drug sentencing.

Personally I tend to side more with those opposed to the changes. There will inevitably be cases where offenders receive excessively harsh sentences. The main arguments against these laws include: Despite the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights, mandatory penalties were available for a wide range of offences in the 18th and early 19th Centuries.

The Queen 33 FLR at Professor Sir William Holdsworth records: This aspect is a very controversial issue right now. The Obama administration has endorsed reducing sentences for drug offenders.

Holly Harris, executive director of the U. Many of prisons in the United States are over crowded because of the petty offenders and the first time offenders that have minimum mandatory sentences, which are outrageous sentences for these offenders. Therefore, the two individuals in question regarding the same crime would receive two separate sentences.

Mandatory Sentencing for One-Punch Attacks: Pros and Cons

United States the Supreme Court held that increasing a sentence past the mandatory minimum requirement must be submitted by a jury and found factual beyond a reasonable doubt.

One of the most damaging criticisms that can be made of any aspect of the criminal justice system is that it is inconsistent.

Many more examples of clearly disproportionate sentences can be given. But a sentence which is imposed with the object of deterring the offender from committing offences of the same kind again, and with the object of rehabilitating him by reducing or eliminating the factors which contributed to the conduct for which he is sentenced, serves the appropriate purpose provided that the sentence is apt to secure those objects The fact that punishment does not entirely prevent all similar crimes should not obscure the cogent fact that the fear of severe punishment does, and will, prevent the commission of many that would have been committed if it was thought that the offender could escape without punishment, or with only a light punishment.

The Senate legislation, sponsored by Sens. Proponents of mandatory sentencing have advanced a number of justifications for its introduction. Not all those sentences were carried out but some were. The first article states that the incarceration of many criminals is not necessary.

Gants, the chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, spoke in favor of repealing mandatory minimum sentences during a hearing at the State House. It is based on an absurd belief in the sentimental leniency of the judiciary, a belief fostered by some elements of the press in the United States.

In their arguments they noted that mandatory sentencing is often too harsh of a punishment and cripples someone's livelihood for minor crimes. Some states spend more money on funding new prisons or renovations than higher education. The measure, which then-Gov.

The reform suffers from one main defect: However, the last execution was in ; since then all death sentences were automatically commuted into life imprisonment.

Arguments for and against drug prohibition

What are the arguments against mandatory minimum sentences. As part of police targeting and surveillance and often harsh sentencing, mandatory sentencing often is proposed as "fairness" by those unfamiliar with the penal systems in the US.

Earlier this week the NSW Government passed new legislation aimed at curbing alcohol related violence. These measures include earlier lockouts in Sydney CBD clubs and mandatory sentencing for ‘one-punch’ assaults. This piece looks specifically at the introduction of mandatory sentencing, not at the overall response from the Government.

Arguement Against Minimum Drug Sentencing Essay Argument against mandatory minimum drug sentencing There are many different argument both for and against mandatory minimum drug sentencing.

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However there are more arguments against mandatory minimum drug sentencing then there are for the support of the mandatory sentencing. Feb 17,  · "The theory that federal mandatory minimum prison sentences are necessary to keep our streets safe is drug treatment and The GOP Argument Against Criminal Justice Reform Just Got.

Sep 12,  · GOP Aide Urges Republicans to Oppose Criminal Justice Reform Because 'Drug Trafficking is a Violent Crime' As votes loom on a package of. Argument against mandatory minimum drug sentencing There are many different argument both for and against mandatory minimum drug sentencing.

Arguement Against Minimum Drug Sentencing

However there are more arguments against mandatory minimum drug sentencing then there are for the support of the mandatory sentencing.

In drug cases, mandatory minimum sentences are also often insensitive to factors that could make incapacitation more effective, such as prior criminal history.

Arguement against minimum drug sentencing
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